About Leopard Loafers

..C O U R T N E Y..

owner of Mindy Mae's Market, fiance & mom, working to share the places & things I love. 

..B A Y L O R..

fitness guru, lover of life, gentle giant, and my best friend

..J E T T..

giggler, lover of dancing, water obsessed, snuggler


O U R  S T O R Y

Baylor & I met on the infamous Tinder. The rest is history.

In 2011 I was asked by a friend to help with Mindy Mae's Market, I fell in love. In 2012 I took the leap to pour my everything into MMM. And in 2013, I was able to buy out and make it my own. At that same time I started Ampersand Avenue to enable us the opportunity to sell products  no one else had. Over the years MMM has fully transformed, and with its growth we want to stay personal. This blog is our way of sharing our life and our story.