Mindy Mae's Market Office Reveal

Paper Flowers   |   Tape   |   Inbox  |   Pencil Cup   |  Rug

Paper Flowers  |  Tape  |  Inbox |  Pencil Cup  | Rug

Bar Cart  (similar option  here )  |   Peace Sign   |   Graphic Prints   |   Concrete Coasters

Bar Cart (similar option here)  |  Peace Sign  |  Graphic Prints  |  Concrete Coasters

. A L L  T H E  D E T A I L S .

It finally happened. I've always been the type that would rather spend my time working than decorating the office.  However, now that it's decorated it is so much more fun to work! I like being here, I feel more inspired, and it's a lot cozier!

When we got this wallpaper I knew it was perfect and everything else HAD to work with it because I wasn't giving it up.  So glad it all worked out! 


MY OUTFIT:  shirt (similar, similar, similar)  |  jeans (also love these) |  shoes

(I got my shirt on mega clearance at Nordstrom, I'm fully obsessed with white lace right now. I'm working on a really cute top for Spring 2017 and it's taking everything in me not to release now!)

SITTING AREA:  couch | throw blanketpillows | poufs | mirror | rug

BAR CART:  cart (& a similar option here) | coasters | glasses | graphic print | peace sign

DESK:  wallpaper | wooden signpencil cups | mugsheepskin | pillows

DESK cont.: stapler | tape dispenser | notebook | file folders | letter tray | graphic print | trinkets | polka dot box | candle (smells SO good)

CLOTHING RACK:  rack | clothing | pink woven baskets | scarf | clutch

Paper Flowers   |   Handmade Poufs   |  Metallic Pillow  |  Modern Dot Pillow  |  Plaid Pillow  |  Floral Pillow  |  Bar Cart (& a similar option here)  |  Peace Sign  |  Graphic Prints  |  Concrete Coasters  |  Wooden Name  |  Floral Notebook  |  Sheepskin  |  Tape  |  Inbox |  Pencil Cup  | Rug


Salud to SLC

florals by:

The Lovely Ave

 |  decor by:

Lulu & Georgia

Bet you wouldn't guess that these floral arrangements are paper, would you?

Welp, they are! And, they are STUNNING! I was lucky enough to meet Margie from

The Lovely Ave

 a while back - I have about 9 of her arrangements throughout our office. (mildly obsessed).  I convinced her to hook us up with these florals for the event.  The very best part? They'll never die. (since I seem to have that happen with every plant, ever.)

(side note: could you die over that wallpaper?!)

custom illustrations:

Paulette's Palette

Paulette from

Paulette's Palette

came and did live illustrations! Her talent is unreal.

She had also pre-drawn some of the attendees (you can see those



Here's the one she did for me of my favorite




So, what was in the gift bags?!

It wouldn't be brunch without a little shopping.  Lucky enough for us, we were able to gift some of our all time favorite pieces:



Mindy Mae's Market

(obviously, I love it)

Heart Dish



Gift Card


Lulu & Georgia

(I love just about everything on their site, you'll see that when we do our office reveal)




(I haven't worn a watch for a couple years, but now I want to wear five at a time, they're so pretty!)



Dagne Dover

(this bag is what dreams are made of, some come with a little insulated holder for your water)



PF Candle Co.

(always up for a good smelling candle, always)


(yum!) from

The Sweet Petite

(and, of course, always up for yummy cookies!)

Custom Illustration

& Note Cards from

Paulette's Palette

(love, love, love - now, I need one of my little fam-bam)

E45 Blending Brush


Sigma Beauty

(love it - now I just need to know how to use it... youtube here I come! - sidenote: I'm terrible at makeup)

and it all comes in this cute

Clare V. Market Bag

Everything was documented by my fave,

JessaKae Photo

xoxo, Courtney